This is the official site of SMV GROUP. The group offers free behavior change communication talks and seminars to the youth in various parts of the larger Gusii community. Moreover we offer free guidance and counseling in matters to do with academics, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) counseling, consultancy services  on youth group formation (constitution and proposal writing). we also offer intensive and extensive one on one online counseling in collaboration with experienced providers of the same such as Liverpool VCT, I Choose Life Africa. currently our services are limited to the Gusii region, but soon we will be extending our scope to cover other regions in the country.


TEL: +254721-962-334/+254738-527-144

Email: info.smvgroup@gmail.com


It is our mission to conduct seminars,talks and other relevant activities  aimed at positively influencing and transforming the youth in the country. we intend to help inculcate a positive mindset in the youth fraternity,capacity build and empower them to achieve  self actualization and  become efficacious


It is our vision to be the lead behavior change communication agency in the country and beyond.


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