About Us

Our organization comprises university students from across the Kisii County. prior to the formation of the group we were touched by the appalling illiteracy levels,socio-political apathy, dismal academic performance, and general underdevelopment in virtually all the political and socioeconomic spheres. With sufficiently charitable and philanthropic hearts, we embarked on measures solely geared at rejuvenating the image of the county by designing programs which are out to champion societal development initiatives to give the county and ultimately our country a political and socioeconomic face-lift.


 The Director/Chairman

Mr.Amwatah Okemwa is one of the pioneering members of the group. He is holds a Bachelors Degree in B.A Political science and Sociology from The University of Nairobi, moreover he has a wealth of experience in matters to do with the youth, behavior change communication,Sexual reproductive health, peer education and HIV/AIDS. Prior to his joining of the group, he served as a peer educators trainer and facilitator at I Choose Life Africa. He has been very central in the day to day activities of the group.

The  Treasurer

Mr. Ogendo Amon is the current treasurer of the group and belongs to the pioneers group. He holds a Bachelor's  degree in Commerce from Kenyatta University with specialty in finance and marketing. Since the inception of the group, he has selflessly and ably served the group in his capacity as a treasurer.

The Organizing Secretary

Mr. Alex Mauti is one of the pioneering members who voluntarily shelved personal interests and commitments to see to it that the society gets the very best of the group. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education with specialty in sciences from The University of Nairobi.Since the inception of the group, he has served the group with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

The secretary

Miss. Nyabuto Evelyn is currently the secretary of the group and she is one of the  pioneering members of the group. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University. Since her joining the group, she has ably, enthusiastically served the group in her capacity as the group's secretary


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